Boise Airport security in the aftermath of Seattle plane crash

Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 00:28:09-04

In the aftermath of a ground support employee stealing a passenger plane and crashing it in Seattle, it's natural to wonder how we keep it the incident from repeating closer to home.

"We expect that situation will get looked at at a national level and then if the tsa determines additional safety and security protocols need to be implemented nationwide at all airports," said Sean Briggs, Boise Airport.  

Briggs says every airport employee who has access to secure areas has gone through a background check. 

He says those background checks are vetted by the TSA and FBI and then reviewed by the airport to ensure they clear all security threats, but employees have varying levels of access. 

"So an individual that may work at one of our restaurants would have different security clearance than an individual that works for an airline um, below wing."

Briggs says the airport continually monitors the badge to ensure that if there are role changes, the access levels are changed as well. 

"The individuals who also have badge who have gone through the background checks are also continually watched to ensure that if they are arrested for a disqualifying crime, the airport is alerted and we can act appropriately."
Andrew George, president of the Idaho Aviation Association says stakeholders tasked with the safety of airports are working to keep Boise's Airports safe. 

"Obviously any time that there's an accident or an incident or situation that affects aircraft we want to be concerned about it and look at with fresh eyes and make sure that we're doing everything we can to be safe and operate correctly but again it's very soon as to the details," said George. 

Briggs says the Boise Airport is confident in their safety and security plan."

"At this point protocols have remained the same as they were before," said Briggs