Boise Airport holds open house to showcase master plan

Posted at 8:52 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 23:30:31-05
The Boise Airport held its second open house Wednesday to showcase it's master plan.
The 20-year comprehensive plan looks at future growth for the airport, but some community members say the plan fails to take into consideration possible future military operations. 
Right now, roughly 3.2 million passengers use the airport annually, and they expect that number to fly higher each year, so they hope with this plan they can think ahead to grow smarter.
The plan is essentially a way for the airport to look ahead at any future growth that may be needed such as a new parking garage, a new terminal, or an additional runway.
But, the airport said they won't actually be building any of those additions until the demand calls for it.
Some community members say the plan isn't all encompassing because it doesn't take into consideration possible F-35s coming to the airport. 
"Some of the challenges are projecting military aircraft activity and types of aircraft and right now the planning process suggests that it is going to stay the same," said Boise resident John Glerum.
"The reason those operations remain flat is we take the latest count from 2015 and we stay flat with that because the department of defense and the military do not release any information that say what their future activity could be," said Boise Airport Marketing Manager Sean Briggs. "We can't make a prediction when we don't have any sort of data that would reasonably give us a valid prediction."
The plan is expected to go through several more revisions before it is finalized. 
If you were unable to make the meeting but would still like to learn more about the master plan or leave feedback, click here.