Bogus Creek Outfitters ticket holders fear its gone out of business

Posted at 5:30 PM, Nov 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-30 19:44:44-05

A popular winter attraction in the Treasure Valley may not be opening this season, and it's looking like ticket holders will not be getting reimbursed anytime soon.

Fox News listed Bogus Creek Outfitters on their 'Top 10 Sleigh Rides in North America' list back in 2014.

But today, if you try to access their website, you're denied. Plus, their Facebook page no longer exists.

A Meridian mom, with another baby on the way, had concerns after she bought her sister-in-law tickets for it and she couldn't book a ride. It was an anniversary gift for the couple that lives in North Dakota. They wanted to book their reservations while they were in town for the holidays.

However, Bogus Creek's phone number was disconnected.

"That's not unusual with seasonal operations like that," said Jennifer Hargrove, who purchased tickets about a year ago. "So, we thought maybe it's just too soon."

When nobody responded to Facebook messaging and several e-mails, Hargrove knew something was wrong. She double checked that the gift certificate hadn't expired yet.

If you receive a gift certificate, those with the Better Business Bureau have this advice.

"If you receive a gift card this holiday season, take a look at the terms of that, make sure you understand if there is a time limit, does it expire, are there fees involved," said Emily Valla, marketlace director for BBB Northwest. "And, we often recommend that you use a gift card as soon as possible."

Complaints can be filed with the BBB. Valla said they have reached out to the owners and are waiting for a response.

Overall, Hargrove is disappointed and just wants to know what's going on.

"We loved the company and the service they provided. It was well worth the money that was spent, we thought," she concluded. "It's just too bad if they have closed."