Bogus Basin prepares for upcoming season

Posted at 12:49 PM, Oct 24, 2023

BOISE, Idaho — As the weather gets cooler, Bogus Basin depends on Mother Nature to provide some snowfall, but in order to open during their projected date, they need to use snowmaking machines.

“We're moving snow guns around, so we're putting our snow guns in places where we can start making snow. We're probably two weeks from snowmaking, which seems crazy when the weather is 80 degrees. We're primed to go any point in snowmaking,” says Brad Wilson, General Manager for Bogus Basin.

Snowmaking for Bogus should start at the beginning of November. First, they'll use the machines and then let Mother Nature take her course with natural snowfall.

Wilson says, "It really comes down to temperature. The temperature has to be down in the mid-20s or so to be effective in snowmaking.” He continues, “For the first time ever, we'll have the snowmaking system in place, and we'll have complete on our water and our air and our guns, so we'll be able to make snow over a shorter period of time than we have ever been able to do in history.”

The resort hopes to open the hills for skiing around Thanksgiving this year. We spoke with our Idaho News 6 Meteorologist Scott Dorval about the winter weather and when the mountain can expect the most snowfall.

Dorval says, “Getting that early snow is so important for the ski areas. And the snowmaking really helps Bogus Basin get the season started. But we really need that winter push coming in November. Hopefully, it's in November and not late into December.”

We may experience an El Niño weather pattern this year, Dorval says. Though El Niño typically means a drier than normal winter... he says that's not always the case.

“There have been several El Niño’s in the past when we've actually had some significant snow. And I believe the weather pattern for the season is setting up right now and there's some promise in there that we may get heavier snow in the central mountains. But let's hope, at best, for average snow,” Dorval says.

As Bogus Basin gears up for the season, you still have time to get some of those season passes, but general manager Brad Wilson says they are selling fast.