Bogus Basin looking forward to summer operations

Posted at 10:21 PM, Apr 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 00:21:11-04
Warmer temperatures lingering around the valley mean warmer temperatures in the mountains, but Bogus Basin ski operations aren't finished for the season just yet.
"For sure this next weekend we will be open. We will have great sking, and we will have a lot of stuff going on," said Brad Wilson, general manager of Bogus Basin.
Depending on conditions, they could be open even longer.
When they do close for the ski season, it doesn't mean the mountain is off limits. 
"Once we close, people are welcome to come up. I mean it is beautiful, but we are going to be snow covered for quite a while," said Wilson.
While they don't anticipate being fully open for the summer until the weekend of July 2nd, officials are already looking forward to what summer on the mountain has to offer. 
"We have some great mountain biking trails, some great hiking trails, and we have some really terrific disk golf which people are really getting into. We have two different disk golf courses and then just sitting out on the deck in the beautiful cooler temperatures up there," said Wilson.
They plan on having entertainment just about every other weekend, along with food and cocktails, and it's not going to cost and arm and a leg.
"No parking fees. You can go up and walk around if you'd like. If you want to ride the lift there will be a charge and of course food and beverage, but if you want to just come up and get out of the heat., we're happy to have you up there," said Wilson.