Bogus Basin gears up to host the Idaho Interscholastic mountain bike state championship

Posted at 3:36 PM, Oct 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-07 19:49:30-04

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League provides high school and middle school kids a chance to compete in mountain bike racing through out the fall.

That season will culminate with the state championship at Bogus Basin where teams and kids from all over the state will come to race.

"We expect somewhere between 800 to 1,000 high school and middle school kids," said Bogus Basin general manager Brad Wilson. "We are super excited to have them back."

Bogus Basin will host the state championship for the second year in a row and this coming Saturday the racing will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Bogus Basin officially closed down their summer season and shut off the lifts for mountain biking after this past weekend, but they have one more major event they are looking forward to.

"It is just super festive, families are up watching their children and the racing is fantastic," said Wilson. "These kids have been training all year for this and they are riding for their school."

Wilson told us getting kids interested in mountain biking is crucial for future opportunities at mountain biking resorts like Bogus Basin and others.

"I can tell you 15 years ago you never saw a young kid on a mountain bike," said Wilson. "It is really exciting from the mountain bike perspective to see youth involved the way we see it now."

Earlier this year we caught up with the Canyon County Composite team who practices at Wilson Creek in the Owyhee's.

Here is a link the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League's website where you can check the standings and the results from all the races this fall.