Bogus Basin: 'Bring on the frigid temps'

Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 20:30:17-05

If you think it's getting chilly in the valley, you can imagine what it's like high up in the mountains.

And, the cooler the "temps" the better says managers at Bogus Basin. They won't necessarily be waiting on Mother Nature to open the ski hill this year.

Thanksgiving may not serve as opening day for Bogus Basin but if you make the trek all the way up the hill, you're going to need some gloves.

On this day, Mother Nature brings nearly three inches of new snow to the base of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

Just in case the storms to come in days to follow don't roll through the region, managers of the ski resort are armed with two brand new snow guns.

This is welcoming news for longtime skier and owner of the Eco Lounge ski shop, Mike Teschner, who can't wait to hit the slopes at Bogus.

"I like the accessibility of it (Bogus Basin). I like the fact you can ski 360 degrees around the hill," he said.

The snow fans are portable and can be moved to certain locations where they can be hooked up to water and power. The temperature has to be in the mid-20s or below for the man-made precipitation to stick.

"We want to make snow 24-hours a day, if we have the temperatures," explained Nate Shake, director of mountain operations. "So, we'll run the guns through the night and when the day shift, when I arrive and the rest of the crew arrives, we will take over for the snow making crew."

Shake isn't the only one who will be closely tracking weather forecasts.

"I try to go as much as possible," Teschner said. "If I'm lucky, I get in 30-50 days a year."

In order to open the entire mountain, Bogus Basin needs close to 18 inches of snow. Their anticipated opening date is Dec.10.