Body pulled from the Payette River

Posted at 9:01 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 23:01:57-04

The Gem County Sherriff's Office has pulled a body from the Payette River and the family of a missing Kuna man hopes they have finally found closure after their loved one was washed away by the river in early May. 

The Gem County Coroner says the Sherriff office pulled an adult male's body out of the river near the Montour bridge Thursday morning. 

44-year-old Jerry Coburn was last seen driving up Highway 55 to go fishing in early May and hasn't been since. The Boise County Sherriff's Office says they responded to a truck that ended up in the Payette River north of Gardena the day he went missing but were unable to recover the truck or any remains. Some of Jerry's items were found in the River days later. Jerry's family says they been talking with investigators from Gem County to help identify the body found but have not heard if it is Jerry or not. 

"That's the biggest thing you know getting some closure on that and for you know for his him mom for his wife for his son everybody like that it's just really tough you don't want to leave a loved out there," said Michael Taggert Jerry's stepbrother. 

The family says Friday would be Jerry's 45th birthday and they want to bring him home. 
The Gem County Coroner tells 6 On Your Side they don't know the cause of death or who it is. They are working to identify the body using fingerprints and dental records and it could be several days before they have any answers.