Blaine County residents want flood preparations

Posted at 6:52 PM, May 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-20 00:05:33-04

Another week goes by where flooding remains a top concern for some residents in Blaine County.
Officials expected the Big Wood River to reach flood stage Saturday leaving many residents concerned.

For weeks officials in Blaine County have been monitoring water levels along the Big Wood River after last spring's flooding left residents near the river underwater.

Trails and roads have been closed to traffic as the area prepares for the worst. One resident says it is not enough. 

"The city has done nothing they have come up with a nice plan, but nothing is being done," said Kevin Wilson.

Hailey Fire Chief Craig Aberbach says these homes sit in a floodplain.
The City of Hailey is currently working with FEMA and Blaine County officials to come up with a master plan for improvements, but it will likely be a lengthy process. 

"The neighbors' concerns are our concerns. The city has got a lot invested in that area which infrastructure and parks and utilities. We want to make sure that everything is operational. everything is safe, and we maximize our performance in those areas," said Aberbach

The river currently sits around 4.14 feet, and the Dellaview neighborhood is seeing less flooding than this time last week. Residents are concerned their luck will run out soon asking the City of Hailey to step in to channel the flood water away from their homes.

The fire chief says doing so would shift the problem into a different area and it is not something they can do. He adds the flow of the river is unpredictable and has a natural course. The river is expected to rise to 4.8 feet by Thursday which is just a few inches shy of flood stage.