Bike thefts a growing problem in Boise as summer draws near

Posted at 2:49 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 16:49:10-04

The Boise Police Department has received 31 stolen bike reports since April 1, they have recovered 13.

Connor Moore lives on the bench and we went to interview him at 11:30 because that is when he gets home from working as a wildland firefighter, one day while he was at work his bike was stolen from in front of his home.

"Not happy about it at all," said Moore. "But if my bike just happened to show up I wouldn't ask any questions."

Moore described his bike as a brown Kona Dawg mountain bike that has a street tire for the back wheel with disc brakes, bear claw pedals and both front and rear suspension.

The bike was locked up, but the thieves cut the chain-link fence and were able to remove the bike, Connor isn't alone even Mayor Dave Bieter who had his bike for over 40 years had his bike stolen.

"I did a stupid thing and left it out over a three day weekend," said Mayor Bieter.

"We've seen them taken from open garages, from bike racks and all over town whatever provides the best opportunity for thieves," said Officer Ed Fritz. "We recommend a u-lock, we don't see those getting defeated very often."

Police also recommend registering your bike with bike index, to do so find the serial number on the bottom of the bike under the seat, take a picture of the bike and fill out a form, for a link to that form click here.

"That allows us to help you find your bike easier," said Fritz.