Better Business Bureau warning you to watch out for April Fools' Day scams

Posted at 7:17 AM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-01 09:21:45-04

BOISE, Idaho — It's April Fools' Day and the Better Business Bureau is encouraging everyone to watch out for potential scams. The agency says as the weather gets warmer, scammers may be coming to you.

The BBB Scam Tracker is already seeing reports of official-looking notices being left on trash cans, notifying that addresses will be painted on curbs the following day. Scammers claimed it helps first responders (like police, fire and ambulances) find your home. One report says after the victim opted-in for the service, believing they were helping the city, they were left with a handwritten invoice for $20. The victim says that was not mentioned on the initial flyer.

BBB says the flyer was meant to look like it was coming from the city and had the police, fire and emergency stations bolded. There was no mention of a fee until after the service was performed. Better Business Bureau says the invoice was handwritten, asking for payment in cash, check or through the app Venmo. There was no business name or logo.

BBB says the main thing you should watch out for is people coming to your door selling things. Three things to keep in mind: they need to have a solicitors license to sell door-to-door, do not feel pressure to buy something -- take your time to do your research, and do not let anyone in your house. You can also put a 'no soliciting' sign on your door.

Better Business Bureau has a number of resources to help you research businesses to make sure they're reputable. You can find those resources here and the BBB Scam Tracker here. For more information, call (208)342-4649.