Behind the Badge: Check out what it's like to be behind the wheel in a Police Cruiser (360 Video)


Behind the Badge is an inside look at the Nampa Police Department's Citizens Academy. The Web only series will put you in the action with 360 Video technology.

For police, driving is just an important skill as anything else they do. At the Nampa Police Department's Public Safety Academy, I got a taste of what it takes to drive like a cop.  At the POST academy, new officers spend a week behind the wheel. Police describe one of the exercises as a defense driving course on steroids

"We are trying to get the new police officers to understand that the suspects don't care about who else is on the road but we have to," said officer Jared Webb of the Nampa Police Department. 

The Nampa P.D. also trains their officers how to do another driving technique that's a little more offensive, the pit maneuver. A technique which causes the suspect's vehicle to spin out of control.  

"It's safe for the officer to do and safe for the suspect if done correctly," said officer Webb.


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