BBB: Watch for dishonest door to door sales

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jun 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-06 12:28:25-04
The Better Business Bureau is warning Idahoans to be watchful of door to door sales people. While many are legitimate sales people, others are not. The BBB's Dale Dixon says last summer one Idaho woman experienced a dishonest sales pitch.
"There’s nothing wrong with a legitimate company and trustworthy sales people making the rounds in neighborhoods, as long as they follow the rules. A local business owner had a door to door meat seller knock on her home door. She grabbed the business card and shooed the person away. She was convinced all was not right and contacted BBB. We followed up and learned all was not right. The city clerk had no record of the business applying for the necessary solicitor’s permit and was eager to know the most recent address the meat seller had visited so a police officer could be dispatched," Dixon said.
BBB says there are a few things you should do to make sure the sales person is honest. Most cities and towns in Idaho require anyone selling door to door to have some sort of solicitor's permit from the city clerk's office.
"Your first question of a salesperson should be, “Can I see your solicitor’s permit?” Any response other than showing you the permit should be met with a door slam and calling the local police non-emergency line. You don’t want that person preying on your neighbors," Dixon said.
If you decide to buy, ask for refund policies and get everything in writing, including a receipt.
Dixon says don’t feel pressured to by on the spot. Ask for a business card and do a little research with BBB. If you want to buy, follow up with the seller.
"A good salesperson will take your deal tomorrow just the same as today," Dixon said.
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