BBB: Use Data Privacy Day as an opportunity to safeguard your data

Posted at 11:04 AM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-28 13:04:53-05

January 28, 2019 marks Data Privacy Day, an internationally recognized day meant to promote the importance of safeguarding data. Better Business Bureau's Rebecca Barr shares her advice to keep your information safe.

"People really need to own their online presence. Set the privacy and security settings on web services and devices to your comfort level for information sharing. It’s okay to limit how and with whom you share information. Also, while it can be difficult, it's really best to use long passwords and to not use the same password for multiple accounts, especially email and financial," Barr explained.

Barr adds, for your online accounts, use the strongest authentication tools available.

"Your user names and passwords are not enough. Consider two-factor authentication for key accounts like email, banking, and social media, especially for access on mobile devices," Barr said.

As scams are often sent to email and social media accounts now, Barr says the best thing to do is be vigilant.

"We've had reports of emails impersonating Amazon after this person placed an order, they received an email claiming there was a problem with their payment. At first glance it looked official and of course they were concerned just having bought something but then after inspecting the email they saw some definite signs it may be fake. These types of emails can seem to sneak into your email while online shopping or using your email online. The best way to not get caught by these con emails is to examine them closely and if you have any questions contact that business directly," Barr explained.

According to Better Business Bureau, businesses use caution as well.

"Aside from having proper software for keeping data secure, businesses should be educating their employees on best practices for handling their customers personal information. They should help their employees stay up to date on safe privacy practices both at work and at home, and they should be transparent with their clients about how their information is collected, used and shared," Barr said.

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