BBB: Scammers could be using government hack

Posted at 11:55 AM, Dec 07, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-07 13:55:10-05
The Better Business Bureau warns, scammers may take advantage of victims of the recent U.S. Government cyber attack. 
Victims of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management hack will receive a letter by mail with a website to access free identity protection. BBB's Dale Dixon says many Idahoans are bringing this letter to the BBB office, thinking it's a scam. 
"The original letter is legitimate. This is tied to a security breach last year that compromised background investigation records of 21 million people, including spouses and children. You may have once held a government job or a spouse may have needed security clearance for something. One person who walked into our office this week used to be a volunteer at a Veteran’s Affairs hospital. Another had applied for a government job many years ago," Dixon said.
Dixon says while using the free identity protection make sure it is from the exact website provided by the government:
Be watchful of fake letters, emails or phone calls about the hack that direct you to a fake website.
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