BBB offers advice for Yahoo breach victims

Posted at 9:07 AM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-26 11:07:53-04
In the wake of the latest Yahoo account data breach affecting more than 500 million accounts, Better Business Bureau says now is a good time to take steps to secure your identity online.
"Hackers are constantly looking for your information, whether that be something like names, emails, dates of birth and addresses like what was compromised in the Yahoo breach, or worse, information including your Social Security number or banking information," BBB's Emily Valla said.
Valla says the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reports more than 900 million data breaches since 2005.
"It’s a matter of if, not when, you will be a victim," Valla said.
If you were affected by the Yahoo account breach, change your passwords right away. Valla says it's also a good idea to reset your security questions.
"It’s worth the time to update both security features whether you think you’re a victim of the breach or not. We can all benefit from creating strong passwords and updating them regularly. Think symbols, numbers and capital and lowercase letters," Valla said.
And if you're like many people and use the same password for multiple online accounts, you'll need to change those passwords as well. Also, regularly check your credit report and financial statements.
If you have a Yahoo account, watch for scammers who want to piggy back on this massive hack. Scammers often use the personal information they’ve obtained along with the hacked business’ name to trick customers into sharing credit card or banking info.
"Be suspicious of emails claiming your data has been compromised and you need to “verify” information to secure your account. Remember, it’s easy to impersonate company logos, so even if an email looks official, be wary of clicking on links or downloading attachments," Valla said.
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