BBB: debit cards from Treasury Department are not a scam

BBB: Watch out for job scams
Posted at 8:43 AM, Jun 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-01 11:54:26-04

Earlier this year, Americans received a check thanks to an economic stimulus package passed by Congress. Now, some are seeing debit cards from the U.S. Treasury Department, prompting the Better Business Bureau to ease concerns of a possible scam.

BBB says most people have already received their Economic Impact Payment through direct deposit to their bank account or in the form of a mailed check. However, debit cards are being sent to some consumers for whom the IRS did not have bank account information on file. The Treasury says this allows them to provide the money "efficiently and securely" to eligible recipients.

So what should you look for? A plain envelope with the return address of Money Network Cardholder Services. The VISA name will appear on the front of the card while the back of the card has the name of the issuing bank: MetaBank, N.A.

When you receive the card, activate it by calling the number provided and setting a 4-digit PIN. Sign the card, and keep it in a safe place. Don't share the information on the card with anyone. You can use it anywhere VISA cards are accepted and/or get cash back at a retailer or ATM. Remember, certain uses could incur fees.

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