BBB: Cybercrime and businesses

Posted at 8:54 AM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 14:17:17-04

Cybercrime continues to grow, with annual costs to the world economy expected to reach more than two-trillion dollars by 2019.

Both Macy's' and the app Timehop reported data breaches. While, this is a major problem for big businesses, it is just as much of an issue for smaller ones.

In 2017, BBB released a report providing insights on the advances in cybersecurity efforts among small businesses. BBB found that many businesses look for their cybersecurity information primarily online, by word of mouth, through it workers, and media reports. While most of the learning around cybersecurity is on the job, only a few businesses reported that they build their knowledge in more formal training and seminars. Businesses should be educated and vigilant with their consumer's personal information.

The B recommends the 5-step approach. It's based on the national institute of standards and technology cybersecurity framework.

Step 1: Take inventory of key technologies you use and know what information you need to rebuild your infrastructure from scratch.

Step 2: Put protective policies in place for technologies, data and users, and ensure that your contracts with cloud and other technology service providers include the same protections.

Step 3: Put measures in place to alert you of current or imminent threats to your system.

Step 4: Respond have a response plan in place in case there is an attack.

Step 5: Recover know what to do to return to normal business operations after an incident.

This month, BBB is partnering with the national cybersecurity alliance and other organizations to offer a workshop for fighting cyber threats. 

It's part of a national tour of workshops designed to generate much-needed cybersecurity awareness, targeted to the country's vulnerable small and medium-sized businesses.

It will take place Tuesday, July 24th in Meridian. The morning will feature an interactive workshop educating attendees on how to improve employee and business cybersecurity. Some of the groups who will be in attendance include the FTC, SBA and the Idaho Small Business Development Council. It is a free event, but you will want to register to make sure you reserve your spot. Hopefully, we can get a lot of our businesses questions answered in one day.


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