BARC agility competition helps Caldwell Police furnish new K9 facility

Posted at 6:03 PM, Nov 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-10 20:03:43-05

Every year, dog lovers at Caldwell's Boise Agility Runners and Climbers (BARC) competition use their event raffle to raise money for animal welfare. This year, that money's going towards Caldwell Police Department's new K9 training facility on South Kits Avenue.

"They have, like, a $19,000 budget for those dogs for the entire year. That's for food, vet bills, training-- everything," said Stacey Sullivan, Chairperson of BARC.

Construction workers are pouring the concrete for the Caldwell facility Saturday, Lt. Joey Hoadley says. He says it will be a refreshing change for dog handlers who previously had to drive elsewhere.

"We pay our officers to work here in Caldwell, so when we were having to pay them to travel across the valley, and then pay them to travel across the valley to go train for four hours and then come back -- I mean, that's an entire shift," said Lt. Hoadley.

And when competitors took a break from leading their pooches through an agility course, they got a celebrity visit and demonstration from the drug-sniffing canines themselves.

"Obedience, ya know, is just second nature to these dogs, and they look at finding drugs and whatever it is they do for their job as-- that's their main priority-- they want to get rewarded by getting paid by getting a ball," said Lt. Hoadley.

Moments of seeing the smiles on the faces of the dogs and their owners, Lt. Hoadley says, makes him proud of serving such a caring community.

"Ya know, as a police officer, you also get to see the negative side so much. And to be able to see people, ya know, who love and care for their animals, and spend so much time working with them, it's a cool thing to see," said Lt. Hoadley.