Barbara Morgan second graders showcase their latest inventions

Posted at 12:55 PM, Mar 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-13 19:47:29-04

IDAHO — At just seven years old, students at the Barbara Morgan Stem Academy are changing the world one invention at a time.

“My problem is shoes coming untied," Kennedy Stuart, a second-grader said. "My invention was the mega-tie, so your shoes have magnets on them, and they stick down on it, so your shoelaces won’t go under your foot and then come untied."

"We really looked at problems that affect second graders," Jennifer Legault, a second-grade teacher said. "They took those projects and made them their own and investigated and designed their own solutions."

The Barbara Morgan second graders showed off their inventions they spent months working on during the school's open house.

"I came up with the idea of magnets because they stick to other magnets and they would be a good connector," Stuart said. "They are really good at connecting and they stick really well. The design I chose was like this cheetah fur because it is colorful and it is fun."

From problems like untied shoes to plastic in the ocean, the student's parents, peers, and the community got a first-hand look at how their inventions work to solve real-world problems.

"I love that our community came out tonight and we were able to share it with everyone, and the kids were able to just really show their love for science, their love for math, and their love for learning," Legault said. "we don’t wait for anything we change the world even at seven years old."

A night these students and teachers won't forget. After two years of COVID-19 protocols and non-traditional learning, it's a return to normal for those who have been through so much.

"It feels like teaching again," Legault said. "The last two years have been long, and we have worked really hard in nontraditional ways getting kids home learning and it is just a powerful feeling to have everyone back."

"Tonight was so much fun," Stuart added.