Band's young frontman breaks hand in five places but still shows up to rock

Boise Rock School debuted their spring session students Thursday.
Posted at 10:42 PM, May 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 00:42:19-04

BOISE, Idaho — Making it to the stage for their set today at Boise Rock School proved complicated for one Boise rock family. But the young musician, Elijah Walker, turned his pain into face-melting rock and roll pleasure, showing what it truly means when "the show must go on."

You wouldn't be able to tell by his stellar performance, but the left hand on frontman of Boise Rock School band The Final Four-- also-- "bit the dust" today.

"I was trying to slide under a table and then it went wrong. It fell," said Elijah Walker.

"Ge broke his hand in five places-- which is rough for a guitarist," said Mr. Walker, Elijah's dad.

So for Thursday's gig, he had to give up guitar duties to a Rock School staff member.

"He was pretty determined to make it to the show though... He's quite the showman," said Mr. Walker.

What is arguably Idaho's "coolest" academy is now in its eleventh year.

And it's not just covers Boise Rock School kids are learning-- it's also the creativity of songwriting.

"Uh because why would i miss my-- we wrote a song! Just for today!" said Walker.

A minor medical setback was not going to stop Walker from showing his Boise audience what it truly means to be dedicated to your art-- a trait he says he got from his former punk musician dad.

"I just loved music cause it was all around the house and stuff, and my dad played the guitar-- I'm like-- I wanna do that I wanna play Ironman!" said Elijah.

And for the Walkers, it's all in the family; The Final Four's nine-year-old drummer is Elijah's brother Doc.

"Music got me through all the things that you go through growing up, right? And so, um, I wanted to make sure that they had that from the start-- and that they didn't have to like struggle to find that," said Mr. Walker.

And while Walker says he was pretty pleased with the Final Four's end-of-spring-session music performance Thursday, he said he has even bigger plans: "Write more songs, become famous, hopefully!

"Yeah play at Treefort! I wanna play at Treefort!" said Doc Walker.

"We're on our way to the top!" said Elijah.