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Twin Falls School District gives students and their families access to multiple mental healthcare resources

The school district is helping improve accessibility for students to talk to healthcare providers
Posted at 9:37 PM, Aug 15, 2023

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — As wonderful as teachers and school administration can be, the school year can bring a lot of anxiety and other mental health issues out for students.

In order to help process the stress and change that can be brought up starting the school year, the Twin Falls School District has implemented two mental health care services.

“It is really prevalent in our community, I think more so that people understand,” says Katelyn Gilbert a Physician Assistant for St. Luke’s Behavioral Health. “It’s really a whole range of [children] really struggling with depression and anxiety, or other mental health conditions in general.”

Care Solace is one of the mental health care resources provided by the Twin Falls School District.

“I do feel like it is good to have those resources because even though they’re young, they still deal with things like family, a loss in the family, parents getting divorced, moving away,” says Amy Adamson, a 1st Grade Teacher at I.B. Perrine Elementary.

Teachers are some of the first to tell if a student is going through something that may be distracting them from their studies.

“A lot of it starts in the classroom when we notice things we then go to either principals or counselors, and say ‘hey, we see a need. Let’s feel it out a little bit more, ask more questions,’ and then we can make sure the needs of our students are met again not just academically, but socially and emotionally,” says Teresa Finch, a 5th Grade Teacher at I.B. Perrine Elementary.

Before students and their families are directed to mental health care providers, school guidance counselors meet kids face to face, then they can discuss if further help is needed.

“One of those programs are provided free counseling up to five counseling sessions per incident or per issue, and then the second program that we have actually as a company that works for parents to find those counselors that are available,” says Dr. Brady Dickinson, the superintendent for TFSD.

Besides being in the Twin Falls School District the Students And Family Assistance Program, is in Boise, Kimberly, Kuna, West Ada, School Districts, as well as Heritage Charter School In Caldwell.

Parents and guardians of students are also encouraged to reach out to their school administration if they think they may need to access these resources.