"Babes Giving Baskets" spread positivity with personalized gift baskets for women

Posted at 2:46 PM, Jun 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-14 16:46:02-04

IDAHO — "Babes Giving Baskets" started as a national Facebook group. But after being shut down by Facebook rules and regulations, a group of women wanted to make a similar page for women living across Idaho.

"It was really difficult to try and find people just in your area and search for somebody that was close to you," said Rachel Poindexter, an administrator for the group, "So I had asked if anybody in Idaho would be interested in having an Idaho page."

"We started looking at how we would set it up and more ladies just continue to pile in with 'Yes, yes,'" said Poindexter. "We got it set up and it just took off."

Dedicated to bringing joy to other women in the group, they create and drop off personalized gift baskets at different members' homes. They were shocked by how many people wanted to join them.

"We hit 1,000 members in less than an hour and it just kept climbing and climbing and climbing," said Ashley Stewart, one of the group's other administrators.

Now the group continues to grow with women from all over the state. Once in the group, you look for an album with your town. Then, post a photo of yourself with information about you.

"They choose who they give to," said Poindexter. "A lot of the ladies go based off of the albums, or off of the generosity that they're seeing from some of these other ladies that are in the group, and we have several that have given over 40 and 50 baskets."

All of the members have the same goal in mind: spreading positivity.

"When you get a knock on the door, you open your door, you see somebody thought about you and went to your house and dropped a basket off," said Amber Adrian Paz, another admin for the group. "It's really uplifting and empowering."

"I get so excited," said Stewart. "It's like the biggest rush when you 'ding dong ditch' goodies to somebody and know that it's going to make them super excited."

Homemade crafts, self-care products, or even something as simple as a handwritten note fill up these baskets.

"People are welcome to get as creative as they want with their baskets," said Poindexter. "There are people who may like to have adult beverages, people who may not want those, or people who want things a little bit more family-friendly because their kids get excited about it. So it's really whatever you come up with."

"Babes Giving Baskets" is only for women who live in Idaho. To participate, you must follow all of the rules posted on the Facebook page by the administrators.

To check out their Facebook page, click here.