Attorney General warns Idaho residents of fraudulent sweepstakes letter

Posted at 2:00 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 16:00:50-05

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden is warning of a fraudulent sweepstakes notification that has been sent to at least one Idaho resident.

“The correspondence was created to appear as though it’s an official letter from the Attorney General. It is not,” Wasden stated in a news release. “The letter is dated November 17, 2016 and includes a letterhead and the state seal. The text is poorly written and contains numerous errors and capitalization mistakes.”

The letter falsely explains to the recipient they’ve won $25 million from the “Mega Millions Sweepstakes Company” and that the prize money is fully registered with the “Better Business Bureau” and the IRS.

“This notification is completely phony, and I encourage anyone who received it to either discard it immediately or forward it to my office,” Wasden stated. “No matter what, do not respond to it. It was sent by con artists who only want to trick you into paying them money.”

While the Attorney General has heard from just one recipient, he suspects there are more.

A copy of the mailing is available at the Attorney General’s website at:

The Consumer Protection Division can be reached at 1–800–432–3545 or locally at 334-2424.