Athletes prepare for Limbitless Challenge

Athletes prepare for Limbitless Challenge
Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 19:26:02-04

NAMPA — Kevin Falk has always had an eye for design.

“I have this creative skill of doing things, and so since I lost my leg 11 years ago, I realized there's a different purpose for me now," said vice president for Limbitless.

Now he’s using his creativity to create prosthetic covers for people through Limbitless Expressions.

“I just use my iPad, I’ll scan somebody's leg or prosthetic in, get a size and shape," said Falk, "this is a leg design that I’m working on that’s going to be anatomically correct of my muscles."

Eventually, those renderings are sent to a 3D printer in his garage.

“You go online, and there’s a bunch of other companies that are making these leg covers and doing these things, but they’re not cheap, they range from $3-5,000,” said Falk.

Through Limbitless, Kevin is creating these covers for people for free. It can be especially helpful for children who are still growing and may need new prosthetics a couple of times each year. That’s not all they’re giving out for free, either.

Limbitless also gives out free, freewheels, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

“A freewheel is a device that is placed on the front of their wheelchair, and what it does is lift up the front wheel, so it gives them greater mobility," said founder and executive director of Limbitless Ronald Kern, "one of the biggest fears, if you’re in a wheelchair, is if you go into grass or rock or sand or snow or anything like that, you can face plant and fall out and hurt yourself; this eliminates that."

This Saturday, a group of adaptive athletes are climbing Table Rock with the devices. Seventeen freewheels have been given out this year for the challenge.

“We’ve seen people who’ve never wanted to go outside or do anything to know you can't stop them," said Kern.

Teams of at least four people assist each adaptive athletes as they make the trek up Table Rock.

“People tie furniture straps to the front of the wheelchair, you have two people pulling and two people behind, there are a few spots where you have to pick up the wheelchair," said Kern.

You’ll see Kevin out at Table Rock this weekend, and you might also see him at a Boise State basketball game since he coaches the wheelchair basketball team.

“Designing these prosthetic parts and decorative covers to make somebodies lives better that kind of feel down on themselves that don’t want to show their leg, I’m proud of my leg, and I want to it to more people, and I want other people to feel the same way," said Falk.

The Limbitless Challenge is Saturday, Oct. 18 and 10am. Registration is still open.