At Kuna's Indian Creek Winery, wine is a family business

Posted at 4:28 AM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 08:19:43-04

At Indian Creek Winery, wine is a family business.

"My daughter was born here in my second year at the winery and lo and behold, now she's in charge," said Bill Stowe.

Since 1982 the Stowe family has welcomed visitors to its Kuna winery. Bill Stowe first learned about winemaking while serving in the Air Force.

"I was stationed in Germany for several years and ended up on the weekends working at a winery. I learned about wine and picked up the desire for having a career in it someday," Stowe said.

Years later, after retiring from a career in the service, Bill and his wife Mui were back home in Idaho ready to start their own winery. It was one of the first in the state.

"Back then we had about three wineries in Idaho, and no internet. It was pretty hard to learn. I did some studying at Davis and Washington State, but it was kind of hard to find tips and people with experience to help," Stowe said.

Now, Indian Creek bottles 5,000 cases of wine a year. Bill and Mui's daughter Tammy and her husband Mike McClure are on board as winery manager and winemaker. The family business continues to grow.

Even Dahlia, the family dog, has a job. She greets visitors and is hidden on every bottle label.

Indian Creek's award winning wine is made from Snake River Valley grown grapes and from the Stowe's own 17 acres of vineyard.

"We grow about half of our production here. We specialize in chardonnay, moscato, and pinot noir," said Mike McClure.

Pinot noir, a rare find in Idaho vineyards.

"We have quite a bit different soil here. It's a calcium rich soil, almost like a limestone, which is what pinot is typically planted on," McClure continued.

All year long special events keep Indian Creek Winery busy too. Live music, festivals, and tasting events are planned throughout the seasons.

"A lot of people are surprised we're here because we're kind of tucked away. You definitely need a map to find us," said Tammy McClure.

Indian Creek Winery is located at 1000 North McDermott Road in Kuna. The tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.

"The future is bright so I'm excited to be part of the growth of the industry," said Tammy McClure.

Indian Creek's next special event is Saturday, October 28. The Wino Lympics is a 5K wine themed obstacle race throughout the vineyard.

For more information visit or call (208) 891-7151.