Arcade Building residents fear proposed CVS on State Street will leave them with no place to go

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-26 20:27:39-05

Residents of the Arcade Building on State and 16th streets face an uncertain future. A proposed CVS Pharmacy next-door could turn the 23 unit apartment building and its two small businesses into a parking lot. The store would also demolish nearby homes and other businesses. 

“If this shuts down, we go to the mission, we go to the shelter for a while and I got a baby on the way and I already have a six-year-old,” said Caleb Miller a resident of the Arcade Building. 

Caleb says his scenario is similar to many of his neighbors. Many of the Arcade Building's residents are on a fixed income and some are working to complete court programs. Residents say they didn't hear about the proposal until a neighborhood group started leaving fliers on their doorsteps.

On Saturday, demonstrators took to State Street in protest pointing out the area is already saturated with nearby pharmacies. 

6 On Your Side reached out to the developer but has not received a response. 

“In my experience through life, money talks. So I'm pretty confident they're going to tear this place down,” said Miller. 

The new CVS Pharmacy isn't set in stone yet, the city's Planning and Zoning Commission will have the final say if the project will move forward. The city will discuss the proposal at a public meeting scheduled for Monday, December fourth, at Boise City hall. 

“I lived at the shelter once and worked my butt off to at least get into something like this to have a roof over my head that I can call mine, and somebody else is trying to come in with a business aspect and tear that down,” said Miller.