Ann Morrison Park getting interactive fountain

Ann Morrison Park getting interactive fountain
Posted at 8:11 PM, May 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-27 22:11:51-04

The fountain at Ann Morrison Park will be getting an upgrade this summer.

Boise Parks and Recreation announced the park will get an interactive fountain for community members to enjoy. Talks of upgrading it began in 2016 and included a number of surveys, meetings and public input, according to the department.

The new fountain will be more interactive for users of all abilities, Boise Parks and Rec announced. This includes an interactive feature that will trigger a programmed water and light display when run through. The current fountain has electrical issues, cracks in the foundation and widespread leaking, the department says.

The updates will not only be more interactive, but will keep it functioning and serve the community for "years to come." Signs have been placed around the park to let visitors know of the updates.