Ann Morrison Park damage or restoration work won't impact many visitors in Boise

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 23:19:48-04

Workers are busy trying to restore Ann Morrison Park after rising waters damaged the landscape. Boise Parks and Rec. Says neither the damage nor the restoration work will impact many visitors.

"It's pretty devastating to the eye when you come through Ann Morrison Park and see that," said Doug Holloway director of Boise Parks and Recreation.

What used to be lush green grass has been replaced by splotches of brown. Nearly four out of 150 acres at Ann Morrison Park turned to a swampy mess after the flood table rose during the spring.

"It really created four additional pounds inside the park," said Holloway.

Even with prescient hot and dry temperatures, there is still some standing water in some areas of the park. Boise Parks and Rec says they hope to have the park fully healed by next spring.

"We're real hopeful it depends on the summer it depends on what kind of fall we have," said Holloway.

Crews have already started reseeding the dried out areas. One damaged soccer field is out of commission until it's healed. While the 4th of July firework show was moved to Expo Idaho because of muddy conditions, Boise Parks and Rec. Says other summer events like the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic won't be forced to move. There are still more than 140 acres of park to play in. As crews continue to pull out snags from the Boise River to make way for float season, workers say the restoration work won't impact float time. They are even willing to let a portion of grass near the float take out suffer more damage so floaters can cool off.

"If we have to sacrifice a little area that floaters can get in and out and through Ann Morrison Park we're totally ok with that and we'll work the float folks to make sure that occurs," said Holloway.

A start date for floating season has not been announced. A children's playground impacted by the high waters reopened on Wednesday.