An effort is underway to bring a women's veterans memorial to Caldwell

Posted at 4:15 PM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 19:16:38-04

CALDWELL — Erin Dominguez served in the U.S. Army, however, her military career was cut short because of a serious injury and it took Dominguez a long time to get over what happened.

Dominguez said her children suffered while she struggled, but she found strength in other female veterans and together they started the Idaho Female Veterans Network.

"That is the most powerful thing I've been a part of since I left active duty," said Dominguez.

Now Dominguez is working on bringing a veteran's memorial dedicated solely for women to the Idaho Veteran's Garden in Caldwell.

This project has been a lot of work as Dominguez scoured the country looking for someone to sculpt the monument, but she ended up finding that artist on the Boise State University campus.

Benjamin Victor will start working on "The Promise" which will show one female warrior consoling a fallen soldier, the promise that is made is that the surviving soldier will take care of the dying woman's family.

"It's just a beautiful concept, a beautiful idea and it was Dominguez that came to me with this idea to do this full-size sculpture," said Victor. "It's overdue, I'm just really happy and grateful to be a part of it."

It's a sculpture and a memorial that shows the strength, the unity and the bond that mothers who serve have with one another.

"If one of us is suffering, if one of us is dying on the inside the other one is there to pick the other one up and take care of their children and their family," said Domingues.

This memorial is also an expensive project and Dominguez said she needs the help of the community to raise money for the sculpture, the landscaping that will surround the monument and everything else that will be needed to create the Treasure Valley's only memorial dedicated to the women who have served our country.

Dominguez is looking for a title sponsor and other sponsors for a golf tournament fundraiser that is planned for September.

Individuals can also contribute to the monument and Dominguez told us those can be sent DL Evans Bank: C/O Idaho Veteran's Garden and "The Promise."