American Red Cross says crisis in blood levels needs more donations to meet hospital demand

Hospitals using more blood than being donated
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-05 17:43:49-04

The American Red Cross says summer travel makes people both less available for blood donations and increases the number of accidents in which blood donations are used in emergencies.  They say blood bank levels are 39,000 donations short and are asking the public to make a donation at an American Red Cross blood donation center.

"Right now, blood products are being distributed to hospitals faster than donations are coming in, which is why we are making this emergency request for donations," said Tammy Kikuchi Nakamura, external communications manager of the Lewis and Clark blood services region.  "Donations are urgently needed now to meet the needs of hospital patients in the upcoming days and weeks."

One blood donor from Nampa encouraged people who never donated to try it: "If you try it once, you're probably not going to think it's a big deal and you might be more willing to save other people's lives," said Linda Low of Nampa. "That's how I look at it, completely."