Albertsons Stadium unveiling new "Locals Corner" for all home games this season

Lost Grove brewery
Posted at 4:57 PM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 19:01:26-04

BOISE, Idaho — Albertsons Stadium is unveiling their new project, "Local's Corner," in the stadium. It is a section of the stadium that will be designated for local breweries to sell beer. Along with the local's corner, the stadium will have food trucks around the parking lot in "Broncos Alley." Food trucks have been invited to the stadium before, but this year there is a larger emphasis on the experience as a whole, which is why breweries have now been invited to join.

“It is exciting," said Ryan Chesler, Owner of Fly Food Truck. "I mean we’ve done our fair share of big stuff, but (BSU Football Games are) a lot of people. And I mean wings and football kind of goes together”

Fly Food Truck will be at the stadium for the home opener on Saturday, selling its wings to people who are tailgating and attending the game.

“We love supporting the school and everybody else," Chesler said. "And I think all the breweries that come together and the food trucks, It’s going to be an awesome time. And it’s going to be cool just to be able to tailgate with everyone out there with all the fans.”

Given the tens of thousands of people that will be in and around the stadium on Saturday, Chesler hopes to sell out of his wings.

And it wouldn't be a tailgate and football game without beer.

Albertsons Stadium has allowed the sale of alcohol since the 2021 season, so this season the stadium is allowing local breweries, like Lost Grove Brewing, to sell their product.

“Boise’s been such an amazing community in supporting us too as a company," said Jake Black, owner of Lost Grove. "And I think they’re going to be really excited to have an opportunity to get in there and to drink local craft beer that’s literally brewed blocks away from the stadium. I really hope that the athletic department really sees that, with supporting that local craft beer community, that stadium will also support that local craft beer community and really come out in force and drink some local beers.”