Albertsons Stadium benefits from drone security methods

Courtesy of Black Sage
Posted at 3:09 PM, Sep 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-13 17:16:58-04

BOISE — This summer, Albertsons Stadium received national recognition for leadership in addressing safety and security issues. One part of their security plan involves the local company Black Sage Technology, to provide drone security and awareness.

Maintaining security is important for any big event, and sometimes that means protecting the sky. That's where Black Sage comes in, with their new program, 'CUES.'

"We use the acronym because the radar when it detects a drone, it actually cues our camera to get eyes on that drone, so it makes sense, we're counter-UAS for events and stadiums," said Black Sage's director of accounts Dirk Manley.

Meaning, their technology can spot drone activity, and if anything is attached to a drone, that would cause a security concern to a big arena. It's being used across the world, Idaho included.

"Last year we did three BSU football games as well as a big concert you might have heard about," said Manley.

The drones they've detected in our area are what they call "looky loo's," or drones for recreational use.

"'Looky loo's,' they want to take pictures of the stadium, the concert, whatever it may be, they're not really a threat, but they're still breaking the law being in restricted air space," said Manley.

During Garth Brooks, four drones were detected, all "looky loo's," but all still illegal due to restricted air space regulations. Earlier this month at a drone flew over Michigan Stadium, and two individuals were arrested for misdemeanor violations. The hope is raising awareness of drone rules will prevent similar situations at Boise State Games.

"We want to make sure our community knows, during games and concerts, it is illegal to fly drones in the airspace," said Manley.

The point of this 'CUES' program is to provide early detection and information so that law enforcement can take the appropriate actions.