Community Baby Shower: Albertsons dietitian offers quick and healthy cooking ideas for new moms

Posted at 6:34 AM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 12:38:13-04
6 On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower is Wednesday, June 21st.
This week we're learning more from an Albertsons dietitian with nutrition advice for new moms.
Between changing diapers, feeding the baby and trying to catch up on sleep new mothers have little time left to cook dinner.
Molly Tevis, an Albertsons in-store registered dietitian, says what you put on the table doesn't have to be gourmet to be healthy.
"Take it back to the basics. Keep it simple. It can be just chicken, it can be just pork, with a fresh vegetable on the side and a baked potato. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it will feed the entire family really quickly," Tevis said.
To speed things up, Tevis recommends buying prepared foods at the grocery store.
"Use what's in the store that you can grab the fastest. Maybe you use pre-bagged salad, pre-chopped garlic or pre-chopped onions because those are all the little time-consuming tasks that make the whole meal tie together but you don't want to spend time on," Tevis said.
You can also cook your meats and grains in batches once or twice a week so they are ready in advance.
"Then you can add in those quick side items so your family has a whole meal," Tevis added.
Keep your pantry stocked with beans, whole grain noodles and rice. Foods you can cook last minute without much planning and that your family will always eat if you're short on time. And shop with a list to keep yourself on track.
"Making a list really makes sure that you get everything that you need so that you can plan your meals too. What I recommend with that list, is to hang it up on the fridge or hang it on the cabinet so throughout the week you remember what you bought. A lot of times we end up buying all these different foods and we put them in the fridge and they get squished to the back and we forget about them," Tevis said.
And get your kids involved!
"More kids means more hands so quicker chopping, quicker mixing and you can get that meal knocked out in a flash," Tevis said.
Albertsons and Blue Cross of Idaho are proud supporters of Six On Your Side's 11th Community Baby Shower.
Wednesday, June 21st donate new baby items at any Treasure Valley Albertsons location and they'll go straight to four local incentive based nonprofits. Albertsons is also donating $10 for every #idahobabies posted on Facebook and Twitter.
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