Airmen celebrate 'wing day' at Bogus Basin

Posted at 4:43 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 18:43:44-05

It was not a typical Friday for many of the Airmen stationed at the Mountain Home Air Force Base. Instead of their regular duties, nearly 1,000 of our nations finest hit the slopes at Bogus Basin for ‘wing day,’ where members of the 366th fighter wing are given insanely cheap deals on tickets for the day.

“Typically i’d be working probably a 12 hour shift so it’s a good time for us,” explained Staff Sgt. Brandie Webster. 

“We’ve all been working really hard recently so to get some time to relax is fantastic,” said Major Richard Wille.

‘Wing day’ has been a Bogus Basin tradition for more than a decade to show appreciation for the airmen and their families and their commitment to service.

“It makes us feel really good. It makes us feel appreciated that as a community of airmen, members of the actual community can appreciate us and we get time to come out here and experience everything and get some time off of work to do it,” said Webster. 

But beyond that it serves as a way the Air Force family can bond with one another in an environment much different than they are accustom to working in.

“Thats one of the main goals of the day is to spend some time as a team, as an Air Force family and as individual families as well,” said Wille.

And on top of it all it’s just good plain fun. 

“This is defiantly a moral thing because we do the same job everyday and a lot of us love our job but changing the pace is defiantly good for anybody,” explained Senior Airman Lucas Kyle Llewellyn.

And while Bogus Basin is saying thanks to the Airmen, the Airmen have a message right back to Bogus Basin.

“Thank you Bogus Basin for letting us come out today,” said Llewellyn.