Air quality raises health concerns in the Treasure Valley

Posted at 10:16 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 00:27:32-04

Areas of the Treasure Valley remain in the orange category which means the air quality is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Visible smoke in the air in the Treasure Valley can cause for concern.

Many may wonder what the health side effects are.

Sensitive groups like people with health issues, children and the elderly are especially susceptible.

"So the type of pollution we have right now is typically particulate matter from the forest fire smoke. People who are going to have problems with that are people who have problems with chronic lung disease. People with problems like asthma or COPD are the types of chronic lung disease," John East MD, Saint Alphonsus. 

Dr East says those sensitive groups should avoid being outside with air quality in the orange category or higher. 

He says even people who don't have chronic medical problems can be effected. 

Something Robert Carney, a senior associate athletic director at Boise State takes into consideration when athletes are practicing and playing games. 

"In those situations, we'll work with our team doctors, our sports medicine staff, the conference office, the game officials. Just have those conversations," said Robert Carnet, a senior associate director at Boise State. 

Doctor East says it's important for people to be aware of how their being effected. 

"Any type of person with medical problems, chronic heart disease should absolutely avoid exertion and people without serious medical problems I think really need to exercise good judgment," said Dr East. 

 If you work outdoors, Dr East recommends purchasing a mask which needs to be labeled with N-95.