Air Force families at Mountain Home adjust to COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 3:52 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 17:52:42-04

MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho — The coronavirus is affecting life at Mountain Home Air Force Base, like the civilian world, the military is making adjustments to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Air Force personnel are working from home if their job allows it, meetings are being conducted online and school continues without kids in the classroom.

But at the same time, military members are used to traveling, moving and needing to adapt to ever-changing situations, so when it comes to the coronavirus, the keyword in the military is resiliency.

"We definitely have our fair share of members who have been impacted as a result of the virus," said Command Chief Master SGT. Wendell Snider of the 366th Fighter Wing. "I will say there are a lot of positive things that are coming out if it and what I mean by that is in the midst of all of this, you see the humaneness."

The Snider family is getting used to both Wendell and his wife LaShae working at home at the same time, in addition their son Samuel is doing his schoolwork at home as well.

"I think for us one of those things is learning how to share the space because all three of us are home," said LaShae Snider.

But they work together as a team to get their work done and help their son get his schoolwork done, it's this mentality along with a positive attitude that has helped keep morale up at the Mountain Home Air Force Base.

"Because there is so much fear and anxiety, you still have to find pockets where my husband said of humaneness," said LaShae Snider. "There is still things that we can do to stay connected.”

Even with the coronavirus affecting daily life the mission of readiness continues at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

on Sunday we will take an in depth look at how the Air Force balances their mission while providing the services their airmen need and doing it in the safest way possible.