AgVenture Trail features farm-to-fork experience and more on Snake River Valley tour

Destination Caldwell opened the trail last week.
Posted at 5:42 PM, Oct 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 00:38:59-04

CALDWELL, Idaho — Agriculture has been the cornerstone of Idaho’s economy and its way of life for generations. With that in mind, one group is hoping to expose today’s youth to the beauty of the simple things, with a tour in the heart of Idaho’s Snake River Valley.

Destination Caldwell’s AgVenture Trail is a new 40-mile tour where you can pick fresh produce, tend farm animals, learn to make cheese, ride horses, and dine on a farm-to-fork meal.

"It’s something that’s that’s— fresh immediately. It hasn’t been sittin’ in a box, hasn’t been in a refrigerated truck for the last week gettin’ to the store— it’s here out of the field," saif Gina Dowen, manager, Lakeview Fruitstand.

It’s no secret today’s generation of Idahoans are bearing witness to unprecedented growth, with an influx of transplants adding to a metropolitan environment in Idaho's biggest cities recently. It’s a world where we have quite literally everything at our fingertips, but this fall, local farmers and ranchers are reminding Idahoans to take stock of Idaho’s roots.

“Our world’s changin’ so quickly... they love to come out here and have a little bit of the old-time feeling," said Baxter.

The new AgVenture Trail features 12 farms, orchards, pastures and produce stands.

“It’s places where you can get away from your busy lifestyles and go and experience agriculture... whether it be sweet corn or pumpkins or ya know fruits and vegetables and peaches and pairs... people enjoy coming out and seeing where they’re fruit’s grown, where their food’s coming from, and meeting the people that are actually growing those items," said Dowen.

It’s a self-guided driving tour, but some stops include horseback riding and hiking.

“It spans from Sand Hallow, Marsing, Homedale, Parma, Caldwell..." said Keri Smith-Sigman, CEO, Destination Caldwell.

Destination Caldwell made itineraries you can follow, and you can customize your spots. Smith-Sigman says you do not necessarily need to hit them all in one day.

“Like if you wanted a one-day trip, what could you do to experience agriculture with your family? You could go to one of our local restaurants, and have a farm-to-fork and farm-to-cork experience and a meal," said Smith-Sigman.

At the end the new AgVenture Trail is about that Idaho farmer to Idaho consumer experience.

"I know that we're gonna grow, but again personally, it's about growing in a way that protects what makes us incredible," said Smith-Sigman.

View the tour's suggested itineraries here.