Ada County reminds residents of sandbagging locations

Posted at 6:45 PM, Feb 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-09 21:04:30-05

Six Idaho counties are now included in the governor's State Disaster Declaration with Ada and Boundary Counties added to the list on Thursday.

Even though the sun is not out, the snow is melting.

Ada and Boundary Counties now join the ranks of Canyon, Custer, Payette and Washington Counties. All are included in the State Disaster Declaration that's meant to ensure that all necessary resources are made available for recovery efforts.

In Ada County, they're currently only receiving reports of nuisance flooding at this time. The definition of nuisance flooding is standing water that isn't threatening any structures.

Through the melting process, sandbags will be provided to the public at several locations throughout the valley: The limit is ten bags per household. The sand and bags are free but you do have to bring your own shovel and fill them up.

"You have to really be cognizant of where you're putting these sandbags so that the water goes in a direction that's not going to do anymore damage," says Kate McGwire, Ada County spokeswoman.

McGwire says multiple agencies are keeping an eye on water levels with zero reports of the Boise River flooding at this point.

A crew with the Ada County Sheriff's Office Inmate Labor Detail pitched in on Thursday, filling up sandbags that will be dispersed to those in need.

You're asked to report any areas with large amounts of water building up and can do so by calling the non-emergency dispatch number for Ada County: (208) 577-3000.

"Slow down, be very smart about it. If you're not sure, turn around, find a different route to go," McGwire says. "It's just better to be safe than sorry."