Ada County proposes an ordinance that would allow electronic bikes on the Greenbelt

Posted at 9:07 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 23:08:03-04

The City of Boise allowed electronic bikes to be able to cruise on the Greenbelt in January, now Ada County is proposing an ordinance that would give people the opportunity to ride on the sections of the Greenbelt they manage.

The City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department said that not enough time has gone by to be able to assess if allowing e-bikes on the Greenbelt has created any problems or if people are enjoying the change, Parks and Rec said people are now just starting to hit the trail as spring is here.

Electronic Bikes of Boise a business that sells e-bikes explained that the are motorized and normally built with the purpose of assisting cyclists with pedaling, they added that the motor doesn't make very much noise.

People enjoying the Greenbelt said that they don't have a problem with e-bikes and that they might help more people commute easing traffic congestion a little

Other people were worried about the speed and the possibility of e-bikes congesting the Greenbelt, there is a rule that the maximum speed is 20 mph and the power can't generate more then 750 watts.

The Ada Canyon board will hold a meeting on April 11 to seek public opinion.