Ada County judge has harsh words for convicted rapist: "You frighten me."

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jan 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-09 18:30:26-05

BOISE, Idaho — Rod Fulton, 47, was sentenced Tuesday to a unified sentence of 30 years in prison, with 15 years of those fixed, for felony rape and attempted strangulation.

Fulton was arrested in March of last year on a warrant for an attempted strangulation which occurred in April, 2018.

During the investigation, it was discovered Fulton had also held a knife to his victim’s throat and raped her.

He was subsequently charged with three more felonies, including rape, aggravated assault and an enhancement for the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony.

In October 2019, a jury convicted Fulton of rape and attempted strangulation.

District Judge Michael Reardon imposed a unified sentence of 30 years in prison for the rape charge, with 15 years of those to be served before being eligible for parole. He also sentenced Fulton to a fixed 15-year prison sentence for the attempted strangulation charge. The Judge ordered thesentences to be served concurrently.

During the sentencing hearing Tuesday, Judge Reardon told Fulton, “Your personal circumstances and attitudes suggest that you are among the most dangerous people that we in this job have to deal with. It couldn’t be more obvious in your case because you have no empathy, you express no empathy, you blame your victim and you project attitudes that are grandiose to the point of delusion.”

“I was told a long time ago that we save prison for people that scare us, not the ones that make us mad,” said Reardon. “And you frighten me.”

The Judge also issued a 30-year no contact order.

The victim/survivor in the case expressed appreciation for the help she received, saying, “I encourage anyone in a similar situation to utilize the many services available because they provide help in reporting and getting out of a dangerous situation.”

Information about resources for domestic violence and sexual assault victims can be found at FACES of Hope Victim Center’s website and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance website at

(photo courtesy: Ada County Jail)