Ada County installs two new traffic signals

Posted at 8:14 PM, Jun 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-08 22:14:06-04

The Ada County Highway District and the Idaho Transportation Department installed two new traffic signals along the Highway 55 corridor. One signal has been placed at Beacon Light Road and another at Avimor Drive. 

ACHD Public Information Specialist, Nicole Dubois, says the signal to the Avimor subdivision is part of a long-range plan for the Avimor development.

The Beacon Light signal is one that has been anticipated for quite a while.

"Almost 20 years ago, Highway 55 was realigned, and so the foundations and the electrical conduits were actually installed at that time, in anticipation of the time when traffic volumes would reach that point that warranted a signal, and so we are there."

That traffic light was turned on Wednesday, and the Avimor Drive light was turned on Tuesday.


Road signs are in place alerting motorists of the new signal installations.