Ada County Highway District asking people to report potholes

Ada County Highway District potholes
Posted at 4:12 PM, Apr 05, 2022

The winter freeze and thaw cycle, snow plows and extra traffic all cause extra wear and tear on Treasure Valley roads. Come spring, Idaho roads look a little rough.

In an effort to keep Ada County roads in tip-top shape, Ada County Highway District is asking the public to keep their eyes out for potholes.

They're calling this week Pothole Days.

Anyone in Ada County can easily report a pothole for repair on the agency's website.

"Ada county has over 5,200-lane miles of roads," said Jennifer Berenger, ACHD Deputy Director of Maintenance. "Obviously, we don't have enough employees to have eyes on every single road so we do really rely heavily on the citizens to let us know where those potholes are so we can get our crews out there to fill them as quickly as possible."

Potholes can be reported on ACHD website. It's easy to add a picture, a description of the exact location and any extra comments for repair crews.

Typically the response rate is about 24 hours but that will depend on how many potholes are submitted for repair.