Ada Commissioners asking for state and federal help in dealing with snow-related damage

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 17:00:39-05

The Ada County Commissioners unanimously voted Tuesday to extend the local disaster emergency hazardous winter weather declaration.

“Extending the declaration activates all applicable local or intergovernmental disaster emergency plans. It authorizes issuance of orders and regulations to protect life and property, eases purchasing and contracting restrictions by removing the requirement to seek competitive bids and is a prerequisite for a State declaration,” according to Ada County spokeswoman Kate  McGwire.

The Commissioners are also requesting Governor “Butch” Otter include Ada County in State Disaster Proclamation No. ID-1-2017 Winter Storms -- along with Washington and Payette Counties.

The costs related to the recent storms accrued by the cities and the Ada County Highway District have exceeded the county’s ability to provide financial assistance.

“We will be seeking state and federal assistance to deal with the cost of weather-related damages throughout Ada County,” said Commission Chairman David Case. “Everyone has been working extremely hard to keep up with this record breaking winter event.”

Ada County Emergency Management continues to be in daily contact with the Idaho Office of Emergency Management on behalf of the Commissioners to coordinate the next steps moving forward, as the whole community proceeds through the state and federal declaration process.