ACHD offers assistance to businesses during construction

Posted at 5:33 AM, Jan 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-22 20:07:54-05

A road closure as a result of construction in Boise has been put in effect as of January 21st. For the next 9 days, Cole Road to Hummel Drive will be closed to all traffic even pedestrians. The roads will be re-opened by February 2nd. This closure will allow much-needed bridge and irrigation work to be done in the area. The Ada County Highway District urges motorists to seek alternative routes during this time to avoid any delays.

Local and business traffic will be permitted up to Gratz Drive or Hummel Drive but not beyond those two points. If you are a business concerned with the flow of traffic to your residing business, ACHD has a person assigned to help you during this process. Business and Community Relations Coordinator at ACHD, Chelsea Holt says, "we're here, we want to support businesses through the process and we know construction has an impact." Holt adds, "I'm here to be your voice and I'm here to be your ear."

To avoid any issues, Holt says "the most important thing is to be informed." Get yourself familiar with road construction in the area and look ahead to see if any upcoming projects will be coming to you. As a local business, ACHD wants business owners affected by ACHD construction to know that before, during or even after a road project, they have resources available to them if construction obstructs or has obstructed their customer flow.

To view current and/or upcoming road construction projects click here. Or for more information on the Cole Road project, click here.

If you are a business who has been affected by ACHD construction you can also reach Chelsea Holt, Business and Community Relations Coordinator from ACHD at (208)-387-6147.