ACHD nearly finished with State Street & Veterans Memorial Parkway widening project

Intersection will be a new ThrU-Turn concept
Posted at 4:28 PM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 18:28:31-04

Construction crews finished phase three of the State Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway intersection widening project, ACHD expects the project to be finished by mid to late November.

The work began back in January and after ten months of work at the intersection drivers, pedestrians and residents who live nearby have grown frustrated.

"We moved into this house because of this neighborhood," said Audra Wakly. "If I knew about the construction I might have actually found a different place to live."

Residents have been annoyed with constant congestion, noise and for Wakly she has found it difficult to get her children across the intersection to Taft Elementary, she said the construction also interrupted the after-school running program, however, the end is near.

The intersection will also be a brand new concept for drivers with no left-hand turns for people traveling on State Street, it's called a ThrU-Turn intersection.

An ACHD spokesperson said the intersection will better serve motorists, pedestrians and businesses by making the intersection more efficient and decreasing the capacity time for cars at the intersection.

In this concept, drivers will go straight and then make a U-turn at a light just past the intersection, come back and take a right at the spot where they would have gone left, ACHD said there would also be enough room for semi trucks to maneuver.

"Honestly I think it is ridiculous," said Wakly. "I actually saw all this down in Utah where it started and it failed, it caused multiple accidents."

ACHD will send engineers to monitor the intersection to make sure the lights sync up correctly, they are also working on public education campaigns because this is a brand new idea for Idaho.

Here is a link to a video ACHD made where you can learn more, this is a link to the project webpage.