ACHD crews clear Thursday's snowfall, prepare for more this weekend

Posted at 5:13 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 19:13:39-05

Snow and ice made for a dangerous commute Thursday, Feb. 22, with crews starting road clean-up at 2 a.m. in Ada County. 

Despite that early start, more than 90 crashes, along with 20 slide-offs were reported to the sheriff’s office alone.

As Ada County Highway District (ACHD) crews cleaned up Thursday’s snowfall, memories of last winter came to mind.

“Last winter was a lot of time spent plowing and this winter has kind of been the opposite,” said Luke Granden, equipment operator with ACHD. 

ACHD crews began plowing, sanding and salting roadways early Thursday morning. 

“Our on-call supervisors wake up around midnight, go out, check the road conditions, and start calling crews in from there,” said Nicole DuBois, ACHD spokeswoman. 

High-priority areas, like major intersections, overpasses, bridges and school zones are cleared first. Areas with steep grades, like Boise’s Sunset Peak Road, are also priorities. 

ACHD says a delay in snow this winter means there’s enough manpower, equipment, and materials to handle more snowfall that’s expected later this week.

“We’re expecting more snow this weekend, so we’re ready and know that that’s coming and we’re preparing for that,” DuBois said. “Our supplies are really good and we’re prepared to go into 24-hour operations, should the need be there.”

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is also reporting 30 stalled vehicles and nine hit-and-run crashes took place due to weather.