ACHD commissioners vote in favor of registration fee hike

Posted: 7:14 PM, Jul 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-12 00:18:58-04

Commissioners of the Ada County Highway District held a meeting today, voting 3-2, in favor of the vehicle registration fee increase proposed in early June. This will put the proposal on the upcoming November ballot.

Now, controversy over the fee hike passing is being raised for multiple reasons. Among the biggest, this could leave owners of smaller vehicles paying larger registration fees than commercial trucks over 8,000 pounds. This is because state code says the county cannot charge heavy vehicles.

Next, the increase is open-ended, meaning it does not have a sunset clause like was proposed as a possibility in early June. This means it will be in effect until altered by voters in the future.

Also, both residents and some of the commissioners were in favor of assigning a percentage of the revenue to different improvements. Sara Baker, President of the Commission, is not one of those… 

"There's no percentage, but it's going to be used for congestion mitigation, road improvements, and community programs... and that will be the ballot language,” says Baker.

There are people on the opposite side of the fence, agreeing that these increased fees are necessary in order to facilitate the inevitable growth in the county.

Ada County residents unable to attend this mornings meeting will still be able to make their voices heard this November, on the ballot.