Aaron Paul leads scavenger hunt for tickets

Posted at 10:14 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 00:54:08-05

“Triple 9” starring local star Aaron Paul will be released in theaters tomorrow night, but some lucky people got the chance to see a sneak peek this evening at the Egyptian Theatre by tracking down tickets in a downtown Boise scavenger hunt led by Paul.

The “Breaking Bad” star handed out and hid tickets to tonight’s event across downtown, leading people to the sought after prizes through his Twitter feed.

The hunt led to the sight of people sprinting through downtown Boise hoping to find stashed tickets.

"So we ran into Aaron Paul just before he posted the bell clue on Twitter and we ran towards the bell up at the Capitol and he was like, ‘Not the bell,’ so we just turned around and ran here, we sprinted. With like 100 people. All the way over here, there was so many people. But there was no tickets there, somebody must have got them," said one pair of fans.

"Wherever he tweets out. I mean my adrenaline is high right now, so whenever he tweets I'm gonna try to go there as fast as I can. My friend and I just got done watching “Breaking Bad” like a couple days ago so it's pretty exciting to see someone, especially from my hometown to like be up there," said another fan.

Paul led fans to sites across downtown Boise for hours leading up to the premiere.