A unique training session focuses on teen violence & drug trends in Boise

Posted at 4:23 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-22 18:23:26-04

Educators, first responders, social workers and others got a lesson in teen violence in an effort to prevent future school shootings, the training also included recent drug trends in a unique seminar in Boise.

Phil Chalmers is the author of "Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer," Chalmers spoke to more than 300 people about the causes, warning signs and triggers of teen violence.

"Why are kids killing their families? Why are kids shooting up schools? So I started interviewing as many killers as I could and I probably interviewed more teen killers and school shooters than anyone else."

Chalmers said the number one cause is an unstable home or bullying in schools, then the violence that surrounds children in everyday life, then suicidal thoughts and fourth are drugs and alcohol.

Chalmers said the biggest trigger for boys is a breakup and for girls, it is parents not allowing them to date who they want.

Warning signs to watch out for include children threatening others, harming animals, posing with weapons and posting those pictures on social media and fascination with other shootings.

"We call it leakage, these kids are leaking violence and they can't even keep it in," said Chalmers.

The event was hosted by Tall Cop Says Stop, Jermaine Galloway brought Chalmers to his hometown of Boise and also educated the 300 plus people on recent drug trends.

"When you talk about today's drug potency it far exceeds anything anyone thought," said Galloway. "People need to understand the drugs that are in the streets are in our schools and the drugs in our schools are in our streets."

Galloway showcased the recent trends in drug concealment methods, how drugs get disguised as something else and how drugs can be laced with other drugs, Galloway said the training is an effort to give people associated with children the tools and education needed to recognize problems.

"It's awesome to do it in my hometown," said Galloway. "I don't do as many trainings as you would think in my own home state, I train a lot more in other states."

The Idaho Office of Drug Policy sponsored the event and representatives from all over the state made their way to this unique training seminar.

Here is a link to Phil Chalmer's website where you can learn more.